At the time of VIEWSDESIGN's initial involvement with Jura, it was known merely as a Swiss manufacturer of household goods, specializing in irons and coffee machines. During its collaboration with VIEWSDESIGN, Jura became a brand leader in fully automatic coffee machines.

When Jura commissioned VIEWSDESIGN to design a steam iron, we took great care to communicate the inherent Swiss sturdiness of this product. Enhancing its ergonomics by refining the handle and adding a visual key for the extra-hot sole tip gave the new steam iron that extra quality that has become synonymous with Jura.

Over the years, VIEWSDESIGN designed an extensive range of coffee machines, laying the foundation for Jura’s success and its association with highest quality products in that sector. Priorities in the design process were good access to all serviceable parts, easy cleaning and product longevity.

Just one of VIEWSDESIGN's innovations was a symmetrical build, with one side for the coffee and its mill and the other for the water container and its filters.

In collaboration with Jura’s research and development team, VIEWSDESIGN designed intuitive interfaces to facilitate the operation even for users who would not read the instruction manual. A complete line of pictograms was developed to assist in the creation of that perfect interface. Since the products were distributed internationally, it was vital that users get visual feedback.

To extend the brand, VIEWSDESIGN designed matching coffee cups and even truffle chocolates as a whimsical accompaniment.