Hommage is a startup enterprise in the men’s luxury grooming sector. VIEWSDESIGN was brought in at the company’s launch and was responsible for the entire brand look, starting with the name and logo and the complete product line. Everything about Hommage’s look and feel was a significant departure from the old-fashioned look of similar products on the market.

We resolved the challenge of how to depict the rich silver logo and its reflective surface on the website by creating an animated version of the logo.

We extended that look with letterhead stationery, business cards, and collateral material.

VIEWSDESIGN created an extensive range of razors and shave sets, all in the visual imagery of Hommage. The patented innovative design, using magnets, was immediately well received in the market place and won design awards.

For the skin care products launch, VIEWSDESIGN designed containers that reflected the modern, stylish corporate brand identity, incorporating innovative and unique features.

How product packaging is viewed when displayed on store shelves is as important as the products themselves in supporting and furthering the brand image. VIEWSDESIGN carried through that image with the point of sale, leather pouches that carry the razors, elegant cardboard boxes and, for the high-end products, a reusable wooden box.